Project Overview: KHIDI Night Club Website and Digital Services

Edge Digital Solutions is proud to present its successful collaboration with the renowned techno night club, KHIDI. Our team leveraged the power of WordPress, expertly crafted CSS, and custom solutions to deliver a cutting-edge online experience.

Website Development:

  • We transformed KHIDI’s online presence with a visually captivating and user-friendly website. Our WordPress expertise ensured a seamless browsing experience for visitors.
  • Through meticulous CSS design, we tailored the website’s aesthetics to match the club’s unique vibe, providing a distinctive and immersive feel.

Ticketing and RSVP System:

  • Edge Digital Solutions engineered a bespoke online ticket-selling system, streamlining the process for event-goers. This custom solution enhances user convenience and efficiency.
  • Our team also implemented an online RSVP system, allowing KHIDI to manage guest lists effortlessly, enhancing the overall event planning process.

IT Services:

  • KHIDI benefits from our comprehensive IT services, ranging from project planning to seamless implementation. We ensure the club’s technology remains ahead of the curve, supporting its operations at every step.

Digital Marketing:

  • Edge Digital Solutions spearheads KHIDI’s digital marketing efforts. Our team manages dynamic Facebook advertising campaigns, reaching the club’s target audience effectively.
  • With weekly analytics reporting, we provide valuable insights, enabling KHIDI to refine its marketing strategies and maximize ROI.

Our partnership with KHIDI exemplifies our commitment to elevating digital experiences, offering IT solutions, and driving success through strategic digital marketing. Edge Digital Solutions is dedicated to helping clients thrive in the digital landscape, and KHIDI is a shining example of our capabilities.





26 October, 2018


Web Development, Digital Marketing Service, IT Service